Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walk, don't run!

To work off the beer and cocktails from the previous day's adventure, we took off on a short hike to Kawishinishawanamaniiiii Trail (or something like that). Only a quarter of a mile to get there, but so much drama in such a short amount of time! In seemingly chronological age, the pack was headed down the trail. The athletes at the front, leading the baby-mamma, baby-daddy, baby-aunt and the rest of the geriatrics bringing up the tail. While the athletes stormed by in their testosterone-laced competition, they aggravated a paperwasp nest and just as dopey baby-daddy comes Lolly-gagging through, he gets NAILED on the finger by a nasty salt and pepper wasp. He is angry and confused and tells baby-mamma and baby-aunt to "run for your lives". Baby-mamma and baby-aunt are indeed smarter than the aforementioned and wait in hiding until the nest rests. While the nasty hive is tending to its lost soldier, the two remaining adversaries slowly and carefully make their way to the safety zone. Not wishing to witness another fallen comrade, the two yell an SOS to the geriatrics to "beware, bees, walk slow, DO NOT RUN!" But they do not heed the warning and instead Ms. Joni runs like a bat out of hell but sadly is taken down and became another useless victim to the Kawishinishawanamaniiii Trail Paper Wasps.

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