Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Theme: Up Yours

Following a couple days of getting accustomed to our new surroundings, we rented a 10-man pontoon to tour and fish Farm Lake on Monday, July 12. We had a very long, but entertaining day! The pontoon was great, we started out fishing, a few beers and cocktails. Only the girls caught fish (and we weren't even trying) and the boys got none. In their pity they drank all the beer AND liquor. Andrew and Scott singlehandledly almost swamped the pontoon, twice, from the front deck, which sparked a huge debate between the girls (sober) and the boys (not sober). The boys felt embarrassed by their stupidity so they managed, somehow, to get more stupid. Upon arrival home, Scott dives in the water, with his cell phone in his pocket. Wife is very pissed. Andrew goes on a triad about how "the girls" (Alyssa and Ange) belittle him as a man, because we made fun of his man fuzz on the boat, which sparks another debate among the siblings over who is more favored... Andrew or the girls. Venison steaks for dinner. All in all, a very fun day amidst all the fantastic mayhem!

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