Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mom's new term for loaded/toasted/lit up is ... tooted. "You're tooted Andrew, that's enough" ~ Mom

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Andrew told me I was a pretty mom.....

WWWS: Wide World of Water Sports

Barrel tries the floaty, Toad tries the "kids'" kayak, and Andrew and Scott enter the First Annual Kayak Wars. Winner is yet to be determined. Check this out!

Walk, don't run!

To work off the beer and cocktails from the previous day's adventure, we took off on a short hike to Kawishinishawanamaniiiii Trail (or something like that). Only a quarter of a mile to get there, but so much drama in such a short amount of time! In seemingly chronological age, the pack was headed down the trail. The athletes at the front, leading the baby-mamma, baby-daddy, baby-aunt and the rest of the geriatrics bringing up the tail. While the athletes stormed by in their testosterone-laced competition, they aggravated a paperwasp nest and just as dopey baby-daddy comes Lolly-gagging through, he gets NAILED on the finger by a nasty salt and pepper wasp. He is angry and confused and tells baby-mamma and baby-aunt to "run for your lives". Baby-mamma and baby-aunt are indeed smarter than the aforementioned and wait in hiding until the nest rests. While the nasty hive is tending to its lost soldier, the two remaining adversaries slowly and carefully make their way to the safety zone. Not wishing to witness another fallen comrade, the two yell an SOS to the geriatrics to "beware, bees, walk slow, DO NOT RUN!" But they do not heed the warning and instead Ms. Joni runs like a bat out of hell but sadly is taken down and became another useless victim to the Kawishinishawanamaniiii Trail Paper Wasps.

Vacation Theme: Up Yours

Following a couple days of getting accustomed to our new surroundings, we rented a 10-man pontoon to tour and fish Farm Lake on Monday, July 12. We had a very long, but entertaining day! The pontoon was great, we started out fishing, a few beers and cocktails. Only the girls caught fish (and we weren't even trying) and the boys got none. In their pity they drank all the beer AND liquor. Andrew and Scott singlehandledly almost swamped the pontoon, twice, from the front deck, which sparked a huge debate between the girls (sober) and the boys (not sober). The boys felt embarrassed by their stupidity so they managed, somehow, to get more stupid. Upon arrival home, Scott dives in the water, with his cell phone in his pocket. Wife is very pissed. Andrew goes on a triad about how "the girls" (Alyssa and Ange) belittle him as a man, because we made fun of his man fuzz on the boat, which sparks another debate among the siblings over who is more favored... Andrew or the girls. Venison steaks for dinner. All in all, a very fun day amidst all the fantastic mayhem!

Lots of PPP

It's short for Plan, Purchase and Preperation. And boy, did we cross all our i's and dot all our t's for this PPP. Four vehicles were required to haul the food and gear for our 7 day Ely vacation. Each individual or couple responsible for a meal or two, everyone responsible for junk food and beverages, and breakfast on our own lead to three large pans of caramel puff corn, puppy chow, rice crispies and cookies, three gallons of milk, five tubs of cream cheese and 18 boxes of cereal. To maintain our Burnqerlind figures, we avoided healthy food at all costs, very few fruits and veggies and if they ended up in the PPP, it was as an ingredient. We are committed to coming home empty handed.